Rules | 19 Drive In



1. Where is the projector?

There is a lonely green pole in the third row, don't park next to it. This helps people, who aren't supposed to park in front of the projector, to find where it's located. When it's weekdays and you decide to park in the first or second row, find the green pole in the third row, make sure you are two poles down from it in the second row and three poles down from it in the first row.  


2. Why are there green, red, and blue poles? 

These poles are for color coded parking for FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, AND HOLIDAYS. These poles show where people are supposed to park on those days. Please still be considerate of others when parking next to these designated poles. This means make sure people can see over your vehicle. If they can't see over you we will ask you to angle or move your vechile. 

Green: Are for the smaller vehicles and motorcycles. These vehicles don't have to park next to these poles, but it's highly recommended. The person at the ticket booth will tell you if you can park by these poles or not. 

Red: Are for vehicles who are the same height (as the person in the ticket both) or are a little bit smaller, but bigger than a regular sized car. The person at the ticket booth will tell you if you can park by these poles or not. 

Blue: Are for the vehicles that are taller than the person at the ticket booth. This means, that if you are told to park next to a blue pole, you must park next to these blue poles. 

There are exceptions to these rules. If it's a rainy day or we aren't busy. If it looks like we aren't busy, we will still tell you that you need to park by the designated poles just to be safe. Once it reaches a certain time and we aren't busy by then the person from the ticket booth will go to your vehicle and give you the okay to move up.  


3. What about my hatch?

You have two choices: 1) Tie the hatch down or 2) keep it closed. 


4. What if I don't want to comply by these rules or move? 

Then you will have two choices. We will tell you to leave and if that doesn't work we will call the police to escort you out. 


5. Can I save a spot or take up two spaces? 

You CANNOT for FRIDAYS or SATURDAYS. Those days are when we get the most people and there needs to be enough space to fit 200 + vehicles. If you are taking up two spaces, we will ask for you to park close to the pole. This will only apply to SUNDAYS if there is a large turnout. If you come on the weekdays we don't mind if you save a spot or take up two spots. 


6. If I come on Friday, Saturday or during large turnouts, can I still go to the front?

You can bring your stuff to the front row, but you will have to park your vehicle in the grassy area by the ticket booth because your vehicle will be taking up space that someone else can use. Also, you must sit in the grassy area in front of the first row, not on the first row to where that space can be used for a car or motorcycle to park in. If you are taking up a parking space, we will ask you to move to the grassy area in front of the first row. 


7.  Can I leave and come back? 

Yes, you can, but you must tell the person at the ticket booth that you are leaving and are coming back. If you don't tell the person at the ticket booth, then you and whoever is with you will have to pay again. If you are picking up someone because  they want to come to the drive in, then they will be the only person who must pay, but you still need to tell the person at the ticket booth that you are leaving. 


8. Can I walk across the street?

Yes, but you still must tell the person at the ticket booth that you are walking across the street. If you don't tell them, they will charge you again.  


9. Will you still play even if it rains?

Yes, we will still play even if it rains. CHECK THE WEATHER FOR THIS AREA BEFORE YOU COME!


10. Will you still play even if there is severe weather? 

Yes, but we suggest you come another night because severe weather can go either way in Cuba, Mo. What I mean by "it can go either way", it could be a regular storm or it can all of a sudden escalate to where the tornado sirens may go off. CHECK THE WEATHER FOR THIS AREA BEFORE YOU COME!


11. Will you still show if there is a tornado warning?

If the weather is already nasty and the sirens are going off, then no. If the sirens suddenly go off, it depends because it could just be how it looks nasty on one side of the area or if the sirens go off more than once, then we won't show. CHECK THE WEATHER FOR THIS AREA BEFORE YOU COME!


12. What happens if we must seek shelter for when the weather turns nasty?

If it's just nasty, then you can come inside the concessions, but if it at the point to where the sirens go off then we have an area to where we can go to. CHECK THE WEATHER FOR THIS AREA BEFORE YOU COME!


13. Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can, but if they poop in the rows make sure to clean up after them.


14. Can I bring outside food?

You can, but we prefer you buy food from us because that is how we make a profit. Plus, if it gets to the point to where most people bring in food, then we will start charging a food fee for EVERYONE. 


15. How long do you usually keep your movies? 

Depending on how good the movie is, we can keep it for three to eight weeks. 


16. How often do you change your movies?

It depends on how good the movies are at bringing back customers. 


17. Can you tell me what’s playing three weeks from now? How about for an entire month?

Rarely, we can tell you what’s playing three weeks ahead, but a huge majority we don't know what we will be playing three weeks ahead. No, we can't tell you what we are playing for an entire month because how long we keep our movies. 


18.What do you accept?

We are a cash only vicinity. We are looking into accepting credit cards, but I don't know how soon that will be. 


19. Do you give discounts?



20. Can we sit on top of our vehicles?

For one that is dangerous and no you cannot.


21. Can my kids run around?



22. If I paid for the first movie can I watch the second?

Yes. You only pay once, and you can watch both movies. 


23. I only want to watch the second movie. DO we get half price to only watch the second movie?

No, it’s the same price whether you watch one movie or both. 


24. Why are you so expensive?

For us, the movie company has a certain percentage for both movies and we must pay that amount from the ticket booth. Plus, you get to see two movies for the price of one instead of one movie for the price of one. 


25. What's the radio sound?



26. Do the speakers work?

Yes, though there are some occasions that when you mishandle the speaker it won't work. There are also times that we forget to check the speakers to make sure they work, so we suggest bringing a portable radio. 


27. Won't my car battery die if i use it throughout the movie?

Yes, there is a chance your battery could die, but we have jumper cables if needed. This is why we recommend bringing a portable radio. Also bring your own batteries because we won't have any to supply you for your portable radio. 


28. Why hasn't the movie started?

It's probably not dark enough. On a rar occasion the projector may stop working on us and we won't be able to show the movie then if the issue can only be resolved tomorrow. Another thing is that there could be two lines at the ticket booth (like what happened with Finding Dory) and we are trying to get those customers in as quickly as possible. 


29. Do you have an atm?

No. There may be one across the street at the gas station or next door to Huddle House. If not, go across the over pass. On your left next door to Dollar Tree you will see People's Bank or on your right next door to Hardee's you will see Bank of Sullivan. 


30. Can we get refunds?

The only way there will be a refund is if our projector decides to break down on us.